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Ready to do the mahi?

 Aroha Parenting provides support that makes a difference

Clarity Call


Do you have a couple of niggling questions or a particular scenario that has you stumped? The one off clarity call is for you. 

The challenges and decisions in parenthood are never ending! I can provide a non-judgmental ear and professional advice to help you find clarity on whatever is on top for you. I'm here to help let's chat.


Price: $135 for a one off session

Parenting boost


Not sure what's going wrong? Need help to cut out the white noise of parenting advice and create a plan that will work?

  • 3x 1 hour consultation sessions over 3 weeks

  • Messaging support in-between sessions

  • Parenting plan tailored to you

Price: $399 

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Confident Parenting


Do you have a few things that you really want to tackle but you feel like you have tried EVERYTHING! The Confident Parent package will give you time and space to solve the not so straight forward problems.


This includes:

  • Complementary chemistry call (to make sure I am the right fit for your whānau)

  • 4x  1 hour consultations over 4 weeks 

  • Messaging support in-between sessions

  • Parenting plan tailored to you

Price: $499 for a months support



own to earth practical parenting workshops at your place. Perfect for Early Childhood Centre parent evenings. Playcentre professional development or community group fundraiser event. 

I offer workshops on:

  • Tantrums 101

  • Gentle Parenting Journey

  • The Battle of Wills - Power struggles

  • Meet me where I am - Understanding your child's age and stage.

  • Using Nature to Nurture - Nature play 

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