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Kia ora!

I’m Emily Donald, and am inspired by the early years of life. Over a decade ago my career in Early Childhood began and I have been absorbed by the awe of child development ever since.

I love to geek out about how our brains develop and deep dive into behaviour science. My career has taken me all over the country; from long-hour central Auckland daycares, to a rural outdoor kindy in Tasman.

No matter where I was in New Zealand, parents would seek out my support and I found

Parents are united in the challenges they face, the insecurities they have and the confusion they feel in not knowing what to do. 


"Good" parenting isn't instaglam- it's messy and never perfect.

I never had the time and space required to honour these wonderful parents before tamariki in my care needed my attention, which is why I established Aroha Parenting; as the space for parents to have uninterrupted time to access the support they’re looking for.


I believe that all children are gorgeous little people who are unique in their own way and those quirks do not mean there is anything “wrong” with them or how they have been parented.


“Good“ parenting isn’t instaglam - it’s messy and never perfect.

There is no manual for parenting and no one-way to parent, everybody's balance looks different.

Everyone deserves to feel confident in themselves and their parenting, and every child is worthy of love no matter their behaviours.


 My career has enabled me to work alongside thousands of whānau, which has given me the real-life experience of implementing behavioural strategies with children of different ages, abilities, temperaments, and cultures. I can translate the textbook of theory into practical solutions for you.


Ready to reach out?

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