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Guiding Kiwis through the wild ride of parenting

Kia ora

Nau mai haere mai 

Do you feel like you are just surviving, trying to figure out this parenting gig? 

I work with whānau across New Zealand who are ready for change, determined to find their groove and thrive as parents.

Aroha Parenting can help you enjoy the roller coaster ride of raising little ones.

Aroha Parenting is a judgement free place where we have honest conversations about the grit and the grind (and all the poo) of parenting.


Providing one on one support that is built around your whānau, Aroha Parenting can guide you to become a confident parent and genuinely love this season of life.

Where is the parenting manual!? 

Have you ever thought "Where the heck is the manual for this kid?" or "I am just making this up, I'm a fraud, I'm a bad Mum!"


Your not alone, there is no magic manual. Instead there is an overwhelming amount of contradicting information that makes parenting even more confusing and can sometimes make you feel guilty about your family habits.

Here's the secret, you get to write your own manual. That may sound scary but what works for you won't work for your neighbour.


Aroha Parenting will help you find your parenting style and implement research backed strategies that match your whānau.

Empowering you to write your own manual so you will feel confident in your parenting decisions knowing you are doing the best for your tamariki.

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